Serving Wounded Warriors

Serving Wounded Warriors, Veterans, Cancer Patients, Hospice Patients and Patients with severe mobility challenges.

If you have visited the Al Barry Foundation website at, you know that the clothing and the foundation were created to honor my husband, Al Barry, and one of his last wishes -- that I find a way to help others because so many helped us during our year-long battle.

The Foundation serves Wounded Warriors and Veterans by gifting clothing that may be worn during their recovery from injuries and during rehab therapy. Since December of 2008, the Foundation has gifted more than 3,000 pieces of apparel to Wounded Warriors and Veterans receiving treatment at Walter Reed, Bethesda National Hospital, Landstuhl Medical Center in Germany, and across the Country. In 2012, the Foundation was expanded to include Cancer Patients, Hospice Patients, and Patients with mobility challenges. We have found that our young troops recovering from injuries will gladly trade a hospital gown for modular apparel.

Encouragement to continue our work always comes from the smiles on the faces of young men and women recovering from horrific injuries and from the determination they have to recover or prepare for a new way to live each day. Instead of going to Washington, D. C. just to see the monuments, you may consider visiting a Wounded Warrior at Walter Reed or Bethesda Hospitals – there you will experience a lasting impression of the value of the freedoms we enjoy -- and perhaps realize the price that they have paid for our daily normal life in America. Today, many wounded warriors and veterans are receiving treatment at military medical centers and Veterans Administration Hospitals across the U.S. Support them today!