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Gym Shorts for Women — #BB202


These shorts with snap fasteners are a favorite for women while in recovery from child birth, lower body surgeries and during rehab therapy. Fabrics selected for easy wash & dry laundry.

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AVAILABLE IN 2016.  A drawstring waist and plastic snap fasteners open on the left side of the modular Gym Shorts.  Snap fasteners are placed from the waist band to the botton hem line and entire inseam.   For a longer style, try the Capri Pants. Design accommodates catheters and other medical devices and permits east access for health and hygiene care.   Coming soon - Reversible (front to back) gym shorts to allow snap opening on either left or right side. 

Slip across the body and snap -- no pulling up the body to dress.  Assistance with snap fasteners may be required. 

Size Charts: Men  Women

Color and size will be confirmed prior to shipping due to limited inventory.

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